Cardinal Tetra: Fishkeeping, Origin, Feeding

Cardinal tetra fish is larger than Neon tetra fish, and their red stripes do not cut across the abdomen like neon tetras, but continue throughout the body. They float in the middle and lower levels in the aquarium. They are swarm fish. They should be fed in groups in aquariums. It must be taken in groups of at least eight.

Cardinal tetras are peaceful community aquarium fish. It is a species sensitive to water values. Like all South American freshwater fish, they like low pH water. Particular attention should be paid to the nitrate concentration, which is harmful for all fish, and regular bottom siphoning should not be disrupted to remove it from the tank. They are recommended to be fed in planted aquariums. Cardinal tetras are omnivores. Swimming in groups creates beautiful images in the live aquarium. Cardinal tetras reach 3,5-5 cm (1.5-2 “) in size. Cardinal tetras have a lifespan of around 3-8 years.

What is Cardinal Tetra Scientific Name And Classification?

Class Actinopterygii / Order Cypriniformes / Family Characidae / Genus Paracheirodon / Species Paracheirodon axelrodi

Other Names for Cardinal Tetra Red Neon Tetra, Cardinal Neon Tetra, Large Neon Tetra

Are Cardinal Tetras Easy to Keep?

They are moderate to keep.

What is The Origin of Cardinal Tetra?

The natural habitat of cardinal tetras is South America.

What Foods Can Cardinal Tetra Eat?

They can be fed with many types of food. They can be fed with feeds such as pellet feeds, artemia, daphnia, frozen feeds, which are suitably prepared for them. They can live for many years with a healthy and balanced diet.

What is Cardinal Tetra Tank Compatibility?

They are swarm fish and be kept in groups in aquariums. It must be taken in groups of at least eight. If they are less in number, they will be under stress. They are suitable for feeding in mixed tanks. However, they are not recommended to be fed in the same aquarium with fishes (goldfish, angelfish, etc.) that can eat cardinal tetras.

What Size Tank Should Cardinal Tetra Live in?

It is recommended that the fish tank be a minimum of 55 liters (15 gallons). They will need a larger aquarium volume than the number of fish in the aquarium.

What are Water Requirements for Cardinal Tetra?

They prefer a water temperature of 22 to 26 ° C (72 to 79 ° F). The ideal pH level for them are between 5.0-7.0. Water hardness is recommended as 0-10 ° d. It is recommended to use an aquarium heater to ensure a constant temperature in the aquarium.

How is the Behaviour of Cardinal Tetra?

They are a species that move as a group if they are fed in groups of 8 or more. They are peaceful and suitable for mixed tanks. They create a beautiful visual when they swim in the aquarium as a group. Larger fish can be dangerous for this species. It should not be kept together with fish large enough to eat cardinal tetras. It is recommended to keep them in planted aquariums.

How to Identify Cardinal Tetra Gender?

Gender distinction is difficult. Female fish are larger, more rounded. Male fish has a slimmer build.

How to Breed Cardinal Tetra?

The female, ready to breed, is taken to a well-planted, dimly lit tank with a suitable male, and her reproduction is ensured here. They shed about 150 eggs. After spawning, the male and female are thrown back into the main aquarium. Fry start free swimming and eating after 5 days.

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